Insurance Claim

Alternatively you can download the claim forms by clicking on either of the icons on the right, fill them out, sign and email to

What takes years to build can be lost in a moment...

Things that may help you when making a claim


Preventing Damage

Try and prevent any further loss or damage to your property. Costs incurred in reducing more loss or damage in the event of a claim can be assessed for reimbursement. If there is something that has the potential to cause damage to your property, make sure it’s fixed immediately to prevent further loss or damage.


Reporting Loss Or Damage

Report any loss or damage to MFI immediately, including the potential for any claim. 

If there is loss or damage of property report it to the police as soon as possible if you think it was caused illegally. Make sure you keep receipts and proof of purchase in a safe place, as the insurer may require these.

If possible, retain any damaged items and take photos where possible in case we need to sight the damage or obtain a report on the damage.


Vehicle Claims

Make sure you have all the details of any other party involved in a motor vehicle accident, including name, address and vehicle registration number. To download a vehicle accident form to have in your glovebox, click here. 

Windscreen Claims

If your vehicle has comprehensive cover, all you need to do is contact your glass repairer and and provide them with your insurance company and policy number and they will handle this for you, or arrange for them to contact us. 

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