Businesses are exposed to many risks in todays' world and events can happen when least expected. To have the knowledge of potential risk and good advice on how to protect you and your business is what MFI pride themselves' on. The team at MFI have years of experience and specialist knowledge to advise you of the risks and tailor make an  insurance package to meet your needs cost-effectively.


Property loss or damage: This includes building, plant, business equipment, office or retail fit out and all your stock.

Public liability: In any business you are exposed to liability to third parties due to property damage and or personal injury should liability occur. It is essential that you get the right protection in place to protect your business.

Business Vehicles: We can cover all types of business and mobile plant vehicles.

Business interruption: Our policies cover your business when affected by unexpected damage or loss so that you can keep your business operational.

Statutory liability: This covers unintentional breach of acts of parliament (excluding criminal acts).

Professional indemnity: The cover provides you with financial protection when claims are made against you arising from negligence in your professional duty.

Employers’ liability: This covers personal injury to employees that falls outside the cover that is provided by ACC.

Captive Insurance: Looking for an alternative to the traditional insurance market and paying over $100000 a year in premiums? Phone us to discuss a Captive solution.
Credit Insurance: This cover protects your business for non-payment of goods or service by a buyer.

Business life & health: Having protection for your business against the risk of you or key staff being unable to work or to meet the financial obligations of the business.

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One of your most valuable assets is your home so having the right cover is essential as earthquakes, fires, slips, floods; storms are becoming a more common occurrence. The team at MFI have years of experience and specialist knowledge to advise you of the risks and tailor make an insurance package to meet your needs cost-effectively.


Home Insurance: We offer a range of full replacement options whether you are the occupant or you have tenants.

Home Contents Insurance: Whether you're a tenant, owner or landlord we can give you a variety of insurance covers to choose from.

Vehicle Insurance: MFI can give you the best advice for the right cover from a family vehicle, classic cars, motorbikes to motorhomes. We have a wide range options available including the small stuff like windscreen repair so that your prized possession is well covered.

Watercraft Insurance: If your watercraft is damaged or stolen we have policies that provide the right cover.

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At MFI we have simple ways of protecting the things that are most important in life, which is you, your health and your family. Getting the right advice and cover on potential risks such as ill health, disability, or even death is what we specialise in. There are constant changes with life and health cover and keeping you informed of these changes is part of what we do. We have a good range of life cover and health insurance that best suits your requirements, from private health care, income protection to disability or critical illness policies.

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Rural Insurance involves a variety of land-based industries including diary, cropping, and sheep and beef. We understand farm business and can offer you knowledgeable advice on how to best develop a portfolio no matter how large or small your operation is. We will provide a FREE APPRAISAL of your existing insurance arrangement or help with establishing a comprehensive insurance program to meet your specific requirements.


Our rural Insurance Products include:

Farm Assets

Farm Interruption

Farm Liability

Farm Vehicles

Livestock & Dogs

Farm Machinery

Farm House & Contents

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At Malcolm Flowers Insurance we pride ourselves on our ability to understand your needs and will give you our knowledgeable independent professional advice. 


We will ensure that you, the customer, have the insurance best suited for your needs.


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Malcolm Flowers Insurances provide a full range of Fire and General Insurances including a comprehensive range of Business Insurances.

Historically in New Zealand, most house insurance policies provided rebuild cover up to the floor area specified in the policy schedule. This has now changed.



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