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Malcolm Flowers Insurances, help protect you, because what takes years to build can be lost in a moment...


When buying personal or business insurance, we make sure you get the best advice and give you cover that specifically suits your needs. Inadequate protection can have a disastrous effect on you, your family or your business.

For over 45 years, Malcolm Flowers Insurances has been helping kiwi’s like you to protect what is important.  We look after you like you’re family and make sure you have the best cover at the right price.


Malcolm Flowers Insurances provide Fire, General, Life and Aviation Insurances including a comprehensive range of Business Insurances.

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At Malcolm Flowers Insurance we pride ourselves on our ability to understand your needs and will give you our knowledgeable independent professional advice. 


We will ensure that you, the customer, have the insurance best suited for your needs.


For a confidential no obligation free quote follow the steps below online, or call us on 
0800 378 6328.

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Historically in New Zealand, most house insurance policies provided rebuild cover up to the floor area specified in the policy schedule. This has now changed.



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